Optimize Early Engagement 

Early engagement drives conversions. With LiteSpeed, you can maximize your Encompass® investment by efficiently delivering the seamless borrower experiences you'd expect from a big-name POS without all the extra bells and whistles... and inflated invoices.

On a custom-branded web page, prospective borrowers are guided through singular, auto-advancing application questions that boast animated iconography and dynamic messaging. They then receive confirmation emails with the next steps, a secure document upload link, and more from their selected loan officer. A true high-touch workflow.

With information saved to Encompass® within 90 seconds, it's never been easier to collect and nurture mortgage leads. 

Pricing, Onboarding & Support

We're not in the business of charging upfront or implementation fees, and we pride ourselves on world-class customer service. Our priority is getting you up and running and ensuring adoption.

  • Priced at 90% less than others
  • 5-day implementation
  • Unlimited customized training
  • Backed by a 24x7 dedicated account manager and support team 

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